If you are not seeing changes that you have applied to your website, you may need to clear your cache.

Once you put your site into production mode, a content delivery network (CDN) is enabled. The CDN takes the files that don’t change frequently, like CSS and JavaScript, and stores them across our global network.

This means that your visitors will be served files from servers that are closest to them in the network. For example, a user in New York will get their files from servers nearest to New York when they visit your site, while the visitors from Europe get their files served from different servers that are closer to them.  This makes your site load faster for visitors.

Sometimes the CDN doesn’t pick up the changes you made to your CSS or JavaScript files. When this happens, you need to purge your cache.  Doing this is easy in your panel.  Just log in to my.pressable.com, click on the site you wish to edit, and click on the “PURGE CACHE” button.

Purge your cache in the Pressable panel.

This will clear the CDN’s cache and replace the stale CSS with the most recent version.


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