In this article, we are going to teach you how to replace your current, live site with a cloned version. You may have created a clone for the sake of testing changes such as a new design, new features, etc,.

If you need to know how to create a clone, see our knowledgebase article here.

Moving your cloned site is a simple task and can be done in a matter of minutes by following these steps.


Step 1. Delete domain from live site.

Your custom domain can only function on one website. So the first step is to login to and go to the settings of the live site you are replacing. Scroll down until you see the Additional Domains section. Next to the domain, click “remove” Be sure to remove both the www version and the non-www version.

Step 2: Add the domain to the cloned site.

Return to “My Sites” and go to the settings of your site clone. Scroll down to “Launch Your Site” and add your domain name to the clone. Be sure to add both the www and non-www version of the domain.


Your clone site is now your live site; however, we are not quite done yet. If you’re domain is pointed to Pressable using nameservers, then you should be all set. It might take a few minutes to be reflected in your browser. If you’re domain is pointed to Pressable using an A record. There’s likely one more step. If your domain is pointed this way, you’ll need to verify that it’s pointing to the correct IP address. you’ll find your IP address is in the same section in the control panel where you assigned your domain name. If this IP address is different than the old site’s IP (it most likely will be), you’ll need to update the A record with your DNS host to make sure it’s pointing to the new IP address. 


As a final note, you should not make changes to your live site after creating the clone because those changes will not be pushed to the clone site, thus, they will be lost when you move the site to live. That’s it, you are done! Congratulations you have just moved your cloned site to a live site!


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