Before jumping into building your first site, this article will help you become a little more familiar with the Pressable control panel and its features.

Account Control Panel

The first view that you come across when logging into your account is the site listing page. From here, you can add new sites by entering a name into the “Site Name” field and clicking the “Add New Site” button. Once you do, your site will begin deploying and an email notification will be sent when it has been completed. This email will contain information on getting logged into your newly created site.


Just under the site creation field, you are presented with a full listing of the sites currently on your account. For each of these sites, you are presented with the site’s creation date, number of assigned domains, and number of users/collaborators.

Clicking on any of these site names will take you into the individual site’s control panel page.

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Site Control Panel

The toolbar along the top of the site page provides access to features and settings for individual sites on your account. This is likely where you will spend a majority of your time.

site toolbar

The first page you’ll come across is the site information page, which provides information about your site and is the place where you will add/remove domains. This is also where you can configure your externally hosted email.

The Users/SFTP tab will allow you to manage the site’s collaborators and SFTP users.

The “Backups” tab is the place where you can configure external backups to be run. Pressable take nightly backups of your site that we keep for a short period of time, but configuring an external backup repository will allow you to keep backups for as long as you would like.

The “Database” tab will give you access to your site’s database via PHPMyAdmin.

The “Migrate Site” tab is where you can submit a request to have your site migrated from a different host. Each site has it’s own “Migrate Site” tab and filling one out is how we know which site on our system you would like a site migrated to.

The “Clone” tab is where you can have an exact copy of your site created for testing, templating, or staging purposes. There are many reason why you might want to clone a site and this is where you would do that from.

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Add A Collaborator

Our collaborator functionality is available so that site owners can add other users to help develop or manage a site. We called these additional users “collaborators” because they can be given access to your sites without needing to know your account login information.


You can manage collaborators by first selecting the site in your control panel and then clicking the Users/FTP tab in the top navigation menu. From here, you can enter the collaborator’s email address and clicking add will notify them via email on how to get logged in.

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The migration tab exists for site owners that have an already existing site that currently resides at a different host. This tab provides a form for users to enter their hosting information so that we can make a copy of the site on Pressable servers that can be sent live after the site owner has had an opportunity to verify everything looks correct.

You’ll first need to add a site to your account that will act as the destination for the migrated content. After creating the site and selecting it from the site list, you’ll have the ability to select “Migrate Site” in the top navigation menu.


From here, you can fill out and submit the migration form and we’ll get to work moving your site over. To ensure a timely migration please provide as much information as possible and verify the provided information is correct.


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If you have any further questions, please submit a ticket in your control panel.

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