Each WordPress site we host includes a free Jetpack Premium upgrade. The upgrade includes amazing features, like security scanning, and site backups. You can read about the list of features on this page.

The Pressable Team recommends using Jetpack Premium. The plugin includes features that helps WordPress users run their sites. You can add Jetpack Premium for each WordPress site that is hosted on Pressable.

Setting up Jetpack Premium

Jetpack Premium is added on a per site basis. If you wish to add Jetpack Premium, please take the following steps:

  1. Login to MyPressable at https://my.pressable.com/ .
  2. Select Settings under the site that will use Jetpack Premium.
  3. On the site’s Settings panel, you will see a banner that asks you to add Jetpack Premium.
  4. Click “Activate” to start the connection process. Click OK to continue.
  5. Once the initial setup is complete you’ll be shown an updated message with a link which will take you to WordPress.com to complete the setup.
  6. You will see a request to login to WordPress.com on the next screen. You can login to an existing WordPress.com account, or register a new one. The email address on your WordPress.com account should match the primary email address on your WordPress installation. If you don’t already have a WordPress.com account using this email address, it’s recommend to create a new one. WordPress.com powers Jetpack, so a registered account is required.

    Please note: You may have already completed this step if you registered with WordPress.com during sign up at Pressable.
  7. Once you log into WordPress.com and Approve the Terms of Service Jetpack Premium will automatically be setup.
  8. That’s it, Jetpack Premium will be activated and the link in MyPressable will be automatically hidden within 24 hours.

You can repeat the same steps if you want to add Jetpack Premium to another site.

The WordPress.com team will send you an email to verify your account. Make sure to check your email so you can verify your account. The email will look like this:

Jetpack Features

Jetpack has a ton of great features. Many of these features will be automatically setup. When you login to your WordPress dashboard, Jetpack will be active. Check your Jetpack settings under the Jetpack Menu > Settings. The Jetpack Support site has more information on Jetpack’s features. Read here for information on using Jetpack


The anti-spam service, Akismet, will be activated automatically with your Jetpack Premium Plan. You will receive an email that includes your Akismet key, but you don’t need to do anything with it. The service is already active. You can read more about Akismet here


VaultPress has been discontinued on the Pressable platform, and you’ll now have access to Jetpack Rewind, which includes even better backup functionality. You can read more about Jetpack rewind here.




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