Creating Your First WordPress Site

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Custom Domains

Now that you’ve built your new WordPress site, you’re ready to assign it a custom domain. A custom domain gives your site a unique, memorable address on the web. Visit the MyPressable Control Panel and access the Settings page for your new site. On your site’s Settings page, you can add a custom domain under the Launch Your Site heading. Be sure to add both the www and non-www versions of your domain, and to set one domain as the primary domain. All your site’s other domains will redirect to the primary domain. If no primary domain is set, all your site’s domains will redirect to your site’s staging URL. To get detailed instructions on adding a custom domain to your site, visit the Pressable Knowledge Base.


Updating DNS

It’s time to point your custom domain to Pressable’s servers. Follow the instructions on the Pressable Knowledge Base to complete the setup of your custom domain.

Production Mode

You should now be able to see your new WordPress site at its custom domain. Your site is only one step away from Production Mode, which enables Pressable’s premium performance features, including content delivery network (CDN) and caching. Follow the instructions on the Pressable Knowledge Base to set your site to Production Mode.


SSL Certificates

Pressable makes it easy to secure your new WordPress site with HTTPS encryption. We’ll automatically issue, install and renew a free SSL certificate for your site. Learn more about Pressable’s free SSL certificates, as well other HTTPS options, at the Pressable Knowledge Base.


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