Creating Your First WordPress Site

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Adding a Collaborator

If you have a developer or partner helping you with your new WordPress site, you may want to add them as a collaborator. A collaborator will be able to access your WordPress site without seeing your billing details. Collaborators also get their own SFTP account, which allows them to modify your site’s files. You’ll find more information about collaborators at the Pressable Knowledge Base.


Cloning Your Site

There are many ways to manage, update and maintain your new WordPress site. For example, you may want to test a new theme or plugin without impacting the live version of your site. Pressable provides a feature called cloning that duplicates your live site, allowing you to use the clone as a test site. You’ll find more information about cloning at the Pressable Knowledge Base.


Development Mode

If you make frequent changes to your site, you may want to consider setting your site to Development Mode, which allows you to see changes in real time. Be sure to set your site to Production Mode when you’re done. You’ll find more information about Development Mode and Production Mode at the Pressable Knowledge Base.



Pressable makes nightly backups of your new WordPress site’s files and database. You may still want to keep your own copy of your site’s backups for safe keeping. You have the option of having your site’s nightly backups exported to your own Amazon S3 bucket or Rackspace Cloudfiles container. To take advantage of this free feature, follow the instructions on the Pressable Knowledge Base for Amazon S3 or Rackspace Cloudfiles. You also have access to Jetpack Rewind as part of your included Jetpack Premium subscription. You can learn more about Jetpack Rewind here.


What’s Next?

Now that you’ve created your first WordPress site, you can explore additional topics and resources at the Pressable Knowledge Base.

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