Creating Your First WordPress Site

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Logging in to Pressable

Ready to add a new site to your Pressable account? To begin, log in to the MyPressable Control Panel. If you run into trouble with accessing your Pressable account, you can reset your password or contact our Help Desk for assistance.


Adding a Site

Once you’ve logged in to the MyPressable Control Panel, you’ll be taken to the My Sites page, where you’ll see helpful information about your WordPress sites. Under the Add a New Site heading, enter a name for your new site into the Site Name field and click Add New Site. You’ll find more information about the MyPressable Control Panel at the Pressable Knowledge Base.


Site Details

Your new WordPress site will be ready to use in less than 1 minute. Check your inbox for an email from Pressable, which will contain the username and password you’ll need to access your new site’s dashboard. Your new site will include a staging URL, which is a temporary web address that you can use as you build, modify and manage your site. You’ll find your new site’s staging URL at the My Sites page of the MyPressable Control Panel.


Migrating Your Site

Do you have an existing WordPress site that you’d like to move from a different web host? We’ll migrate your existing site to Pressable at no cost to you. Simply visit the MyPressable Control Panel and request a migration. It’s important to fill out as much information as possible on this form. Most importantly, the login credentials for your previous host. We need this information, so we can login and pull a copy of your database and the files contained in your wp-content folder.


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