When will my site(s) be migrated?

We will begin to migrate sites on 25 April 2016 and will continue until all of our customers’ sites are running on the new architecture.

Will my site be available during the migration?

To ensure the safety and integrity of your data during the actual migration, which should only take a few minutes, we will disable:

  • All database writes
  • Access to your WordPress dashboard
  • File uploads

Any requests which try to do any of the above will return an error message and a HTTP 503 Service Unavailable status code.

Will I need to update DNS?

Yes, DNS changes will be required.  If you are using Pressable nameservers, we’ll take care of updating everything for you.

Should you manage your own DNS (i.e., the nameservers for your domain are NOT pointed to Pressable), you will find updated DNS information for your site(s) on the MyPressable Control Panel (https://my.pressable.com) after your site(s) has/have been migrated. We also will be sending emails notifying users of required DNS changes and other relevant information.

To ensure your sites are still accessible after the migration, we will forward web traffic from our old servers to the new ones for a short time, but you will need to update your DNS as soon as possible to avoid a disruption of service to your site(s).

If you are not sure if you have pointed your DNS to Pressable, please send an email to our help desk (help@pressable.com), or submit a ticket through the MyPressable Control Panel (https://my.pressable.com).

Will my login information change?

Your WordPress login information will remain the same.  Your SFTP username and password will also remain the same, however once your site is migrated, you will need to begin using sftp.pressable.com as the SFTP server name.

Why were some of my PHP files changed during the migration?

The Pressable 2.0 platform runs the latest version of PHP, PHP7, which comes with many functionality and performance enchancements. Some functions and coding conventions available in older versions of PHP have been removed in PHP7, so we have replaced any PHP7-incompatible code with its functional counterpart.  A full set of changes is available in the PHP7 migration guide.

Will all of my plugins and themes be migrated to the new platform

99% of the time the answer is yes. We have found one plugin that is currently incompatible:

* sspro includes some encrypted code which requires Ioncube to function.  Unfortunately, Ioncube does not yet have PHP7 support.

* CyberSEO includes some encrypted code which requires Ioncube to function. Unfortunately, Ioncube does not yet have PHP7 support.

Will I be charged for the migration or the upgraded service?

No. There is no cost for the migration, and your subscription rate will remain the same.

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