How Deploy To Your Sites Using Git

What You Need

In order to begin, you will need the following already setup:

  • A repository for an existing site with a /wp-content/ directory in its root.
  • plugins/ and/or themes/ directory inside /wp-content/
  • The repository in question hosted at GitHub (More providers will be available in the future).
  • The HTTPS URL for the repository you will be deploying from.

Getting Your HTTPS URL

Navigate to the repository you are interested in deploying and click on the green “Clone or Download” button. Make sure to click “Use HTTPS” or that the header says “Clone with HTTPS” before copying the HTTPS URL.

Getting Started

Navigate to your dashboard and add a new site to your account. Once the site is done deploying, click into the “Settings” panel for that site.

From here, scroll down to the area named “Git Deployment Settings.” In the box below, insert the Git HTTPS URL for the repository you are looking to deploy from.

After you’ve entered the URL, click “Set” to set the repository URL.

The page will refresh and you will next need to click “Authorize” to authorize Pressable to interact with this repository. Once you click “Authorize,” you will be prompted to login to GitHub and authorize this interaction.

After you have authorized the application, you’ll be returned to your portal and you will now have the ability to select a branch from your repository. This branch to select is the branch that you want to deploy to Pressable servers for the site you are configuring. Once you’ve selected a branch, click on “Set” next to the branch name to set the branch.

As soon as you set a branch, your repository will begin deploying to your site. Going forward, anytime you push to the specified branch, we will receive notice and automatically deploy the changes to your site.

You can monitor the status of your deployments on the “Git” tab underneath the deployment settings.


We currently do not pull down WordPress Core files or the /wp-content/uploads directory.

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