How do I clear my cache and purge the CDN?

To clear the WordPress object cache or purge the CDN, login to the MyPressable Control Panel and select the site you want to purge the cache for by clicking on “Settings” On the next page, scroll to the “SITE INFO” section and you should see the “Purge CDN” and “Flush Object Cache” button.  The “Purge […]

How to manually backup your site

We automatically backup your site nightly when changes are made. If no changes are made in a given day no backup will be created. However, you may also manually backup your site for for safe keeping. Manually Backing Up Your Site. First, you will need to log in to your MyPressable Control Panel and select […]

How do I add a collaborator to my site?

Pressable makes it easy for you to collaborate with other people on your website. This makes it easy for you to share credentials with designers, developers and other collaborators, while keeping your account and other sites in it safe and secure. Collaborator access will grant them site-specific access to MyPressable, the site’s wp-admin, SFTP, and […]

How do I reset my SFTP Password?

For security purposes, as a customer of Pressable, you can reset your SFTP password at the MyPressable Control Panel at any time you wish. To do this, once you are logged in to your my.pressable.com account, select the site you want to reset the SFTP password for by clicking on the “Settings” button. On the next […]

Creating a Clone or Staging Site

Pressable’s cloning and staging site functionality allows users to create a duplicate of a site on their account. Clones and staging sites are useful if you are looking to create a test/development environment or if you are looking to build a new site using an existing site as a starting point. Select Site to Clone […]

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