How do I move a site off of Pressable?

Your content belongs to you. This is why we make it as simple as possible to migrate your site from our systems to another host. When migrating a site to another host, you need to move two things, your database and your wp-content folder. For access to these files follow our guide on how to […]

How to delete a site from your account.

We understand that sometimes you may need to delete site from our systems.  Removing a site is just as easy as adding a site. When you decide what site you will be deleting, first you must log into your my.pressable.com control panel. Then you want to select the site you want to delete like the […]

Migrate from different platforms to WordPress

You can migrate from a number of different platforms to Pressable. This guide will walk you through some of the most common platforms. From WordPress.com If you are a WordPress.com user and are interested in migrating a WordPress site to a self-hosted option it’s easy to do. Log into your WordPress.com website and navigate to Tools > […]

How to upload to your site using SFTP

In order to build a website with WordPress you may need  to securely upload files to your website. You can upload files to your Pressable websites via SFTP (Secure Transfer Protocol). This method is more secure than standard methods of FTP. But, like FTP, it’s a method for transfer files from your computer to your web server. […]

How do I obtain FTP/SFTP access?

Here at Pressable we provide Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) access for all sites. You’ll find your SFTP details in your site’s MyPressable Control Panel. Getting your SFTP details To get started log in at https://my.pressable.com and select “Settings” of the site for which you would like the SFTP details. In the navigation bar, click on […]

How do I clear my cache and purge the CDN?

We offer in-house caching services to make sure your website is delivered fast no matter where you are in the world. If your site is in production mode, your site is being cached with might not be ideal if you are making design changes to you web site. If you have made changes to your […]

How to manually backup your site

We automatically backup your site nightly when changes are made. If no changes are made in a given day no backup will be created. However, you may also manually backup your site for for safe keeping. Manually Backing Up Your Site. First, you will need to log in to your MyPressable Control Panel and select […]

How do I add a collaborator to my site?

Pressable makes it easy for you to collaborate with other people on your website. This makes it easy for you to share credentials with designers, developers and other collaborators, while remaining safe and secure. To add a collaborator to your project log in to my.pressable.com, click the name of the site you wish to add the […]

How do I reset my SFTP Password?

For security purposes, as a customer of Pressable, you can reset your SFTP password at the MyPressable Control Panel at any time you wish. To do this, once you are logged in to your my.pressable.com account, select the site you want to reset the SFTP password for by clicking on the “Settings” button. On the next […]

Cloning Your Website

Pressable’s cloning functionality allows users to create a duplicate of a site on their account. Cloning sites are useful if you are looking to create a test/development environment or if you are looking to build a new site using an existing site as a starting point. To begin, log in to the MyPressable Control Panel […]

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