Pre Sales Questions

What Is Proactive Maintenance?

Proactive maintenance is included with all Starter plans and above (compare plans). With proactive maintenance, we’ll regularly check and monitor your site’s server-side performance. This includes monitoring your site’s TTFB (Time To First Byte) and memory usage. If a potential problem is detected, we proactively identify the issue, resolve it if possible, and contact you […]

Where are your data centers located?

Our data centers are in the following locations: AMS: Amsterdam, Netherlands DCA: Ashburn, VA BUR: Los Angeles, CA DFW: Dallas, Texas Each site has primary and secondary servers. If a site’s primary server has issues, connections will automatically failover to the secondary server. Our systems team can change a site’s primary and/or secondary server(s) at any […]

Will my multisite work on Pressable?

It’s easy to check whether your multisite will work on Pressable. First, go to My Sites -> Network Admin -> Sites in the top-left menu. Here, you will see your site and subsites. Path-based Network (Subdirectories) If your sites begin with the same domain but end differently (with a different directory), you have a subdirectory […]

What we do, and how we can help

Pressable strives to provide world-class support to all of our customers. In addition to our Service and Platform Considerations, the following details our responsibilities as your host, as well as the levels of support we can provide. Manage Hardware Responsibility: Ours Pressable performs all maintenance and management of servers. Update Core WordPress CMS Responsibility: Ours […]

Does Pressable offer SSL certificates?

We include SSL Certificates with every site hosted on Pressable. We use SSL Certificates powered by Let’s Encrypt. This will allow every site hosted by Pressable to be HTTPS encrypted. Does Pressable support Custom SSL Certificates?: Pressable does not allow the use of custom SSL certificates. If you need to use a custom SSL certificate […]

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