Does Pressable offer database access?

We offer database access to your site through the popular open source phpMyAdmin software and programmatically. This provides you with direct MySQL access to your site. Accessing your Database via phpMyAdmin To open phpMyAdmin first visit the MyPressable Control Panel at my.pressable.com and select a site. Once a site is selected then click on the Database […]

How does Pressable deal with updates?

We always run the latest versions of WordPress, Akismet and Jetpack. We can also install managed versions of WooCommerce, WooCommerce Services and WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway. This means that you will always run the latest versions of these plugins as soon as updates are made available. Site owners are responsible for keeping other plugins and […]

Disallowed Plugins on Pressable

There are quite a few plugins in the WordPress ecosystem; WordPress.org has over 27,000 just in their repository. However, from time to time we run across plugins that don’t play well on our systems, or duplicate functionality we’re already providing as part of our managed services. As such, we’ve added functionality to prevent these plugins […]

How often does Pressable backup my site?

We back up your site every day and keep a copy for 30 days. For more information about backing up your site, see Can Pressable restore a backup of my site?

Does Pressable support sites in subfolders?

We do not support sites running in a subfolder/subdirectory, e.g. http://www.domain.com/some-site/ We do support subdomains, e.g. http://some-site.domain.com/. If hosting a site in a subfolder/subdirectory is required, you could consider enabling WordPress’ multisite functionality. Pressable does not assist with migrating standalone sites into a WordPress multisite installation.

Getting Support

The Pressable staff is here to make sure your site is working its best. We provide support over live chat and email through Intercom. You may reach out by logging into MyPressable at https://my.pressable.com. Once logged in click on the Support link found in the Help menu at the top of the page: Or on […]

Can I point more than one domain to my site?

Yes! It’s simple to point multiple domains to your Pressable website. Just like if you only had one domain pointed to us, you must first direct the additional domain’s DNS to us. You can either point your nameservers to us or point an A record to us as well as add a CNAME as listed […]

What are the levels of caching available on Pressable?

WordPress is an amazing tool for publishing a website tied into a relational database. In order to make a WordPress website perform as fast as possible Pressable uses a number of cache types. Understanding how Pressable accelerates your website with caching will help you design better websites that perform the best for your users. Caching […]

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