How do I login to Pressable’s Help Portal and track a ticket?

Once you’ve submitted a support ticket via the MyPressable Control Panel, or by sending an email to help@pressable.com you will receive a confirmation email that looks like this: If this is the first time you’ve submitted a ticket, you’ll also need to activate your account. To do this click the link in the “User Activate” […]

Pressable SPF Records

SPF records are a DNS record that identify which mail servers are authorized to send email on behalf of your domain. If you are hosting your own DNS and want to authorize our servers to send mail from your domain, then you will need to add or update an SPF record in your DNS panel. If you […]

Does Pressable Support WordPress Multisite?

Pressable supports small-scale WordPress multisite instances. WordPress multisite allows a network of sites to be created under the same WordPress install. A network admin (with the Super Admin role) can manage and update all sites within the network. At this time Pressable only supports multisite the sub-directories option not the sub-domains one. This method allows […]

What is a Pageview?

Effective November 14, 2013, we have changed our pricing plans as shown here, Pressable Pricing Plans. We have changed the way we structure our pricing structure to use PageViews to differentiate our plans. What does this mean? What is a PageView? It’s pretty simple, A page view or page impression is a request to load […]

What is Development/Production Mode?

When you log into your MyPressable Control Panel, you will see that your site is either in Development Mode or Production Mode as seen below. What does this mean? Let’s start from the beginning, when you create a site with Pressable, it will launch in Development Mode by default. On this mode, caching for your site is […]

Can Pressable migrate a site for me?

Pressable offers two automated methods for migrating your site over: Use the Pressable Migration Plugin – Which you can read about by clicking here. Have Pressable support migrate your site, which is discussed below. To arrange for a migration, log in to my.pressable.com and click on the name of the project which you wish to migrate. […]

What file permissions should I use?

The file permissions for WordPress core files are already correctly setup on your site so there is no need to modify them. Since your wp-content folder is the only folder that has files consistently being modified. The wp-content is the only folder that may need file permissions changes, especially if you have moved files/folders here from […]

Can Pressable restore a backup of my site?

Sometimes things happen—a failed plugin update, a theme upload failed, or maybe you’re writing your first lines of code? Prepare yourself if things go wrong by keeping backups. The best way to ensure you always have a backup of your site on hand is to set up automated backups to Amazon S3 or Rackspace Cloud […]

What are Pressable’s nameservers?

A name server is a computer server that hosts a network service for providing responses to queries against a directory service. If you would like Pressable to control your DNS, you will need to point your domain’s nameservers to us. Pressable’s nameservers are: ns1.openhostingservice.com ns2.openhostingservice.com ns3.openhostingservice.com ns4.openhostingservice.com ns5.openhostingservice.com You will need to goto your domain name registrar/provider to update this information. Be sure […]

Why are there plugins pre-installed on my site?

We install several plugins on every new WordPress site on our systems to make sure they are optimized to run on our systems. These plugins include WordPress default plugins, tools to make development easier, and required plugins for proper functionality on our systems. Plugins included with every installation on our systems: Akismet – Akismet checks […]

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